Tips for Taking Out Scooter Insurance, What Do You Need to Consider When Starting Out in the Netherlands?

It is a legal obligation to have a third party insurance for your scooter, which insures you for damage you cause to third parties when using your scooter. You can get a WA-insurance as a part of a broader scooter insurance, which does not only cover third party damage, but also damage to your own scooter or someone who rides behind.

Insure Your Scooter More Cheaply

What does scooter insurance cost? An insurance which covers more than the legally compulsory third-party insurance is often cheaper than individual insurances for third-party and other risks. Although it is attractive to take out the mandatory minimum liability insurance quickly and perhaps arrange the rest later, it is wise to arrange this properly at the same time and to look at other insurances you want for your scooter right away and include them in order to benefit from such advantages.

Keep the Details of Your Scooter Insurance

Keep your details and those of your scooter close at hand, the insurance is linked to your registration certificate and so you will need that information when taking out an insurance online. The premium of the insurance may also depend on the year of construction of your scooter and the type.

It can also be a big advantage if you can show that you have a number of years damage free, so also keep this information handy if available.

Pay Attention to the Terms and Conditions of the Scooter Insurance Policy.

It is always important to pay close attention to the exact terms and conditions for each insurance policy, but scooters are often seen by insurers as youth vehicles and therefore a greater risk. For example, a third-party insurance policy covers any damage caused by your scooter and, almost by default, also covers damage caused if someone uses your scooter with your permission.

However, for some goedkope motor verzekeringen this does not apply to other users under the age of 25, this is important because you will still be liable but not insured if something happens!



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