Jazmina believes in America first by protecting our borders through the construction of the wall, controlling immigration, taking care of jobs and opportunities for US citizens.

Jazmina has decided to run for this 2018 election as a candidate for the United States Congress, California 44th District to fight for and truly represent all Californians with their needs and rights. She supports President Trump’s agenda for the benefit of making both, a Greater America and Safer America.

Jazmina is Pro-life and supports our Second Amendment. California passed laws against our morals and faith as conservative families. Laws that jeopardizes the health of our children and young people, that weaken our economy with programs that do no benefit our citizens and our children, but rather help aliens who have no legal right to be in our country.

Jazmina will work to eliminate laws that affect our decent and hardworking citizens, as well as to prevent our children from being indoctrinated in schools with ideologies that corrupt and destroy our moral values. Jazmina wants to create more programs for education and the creation of new jobs, instead of welfare.

We kindly ask to support Jazmina Saavedra for US Congress.

Let’s make America a greater, more prosperous and secure nation.